Video: Exploring the Flat Tops Wilderness Area in Colorado

One of my favorite things to do on a day off from work is escape to somewhere new. I’ve been living directly below the Flat Tops for over a year now but had yet to explore one of the most beautiful drives in the area: Coffee Pot Road. Twenty-nine miles of narrow, dirt 4×4 road winds over 10,000 feet in elevation to Deep Creek Canyon, Heart Lake Reservoir and more than a dozen branches of gnarly, off-roading trails. Go in late July and wildflowers in just about every color blanket green fields (some still snow-covered) while the Sawatch and Elk mountains tower in the distance. It’s a dreamland for hikers, bikers, fishermen, ATVs and stand-up paddle boarders, and prime location for incredible camping views. The best part, I think, was that I could find people if I wanted to, but for the most part I was completely alone. And twelve hours of me and quiet nature was just what I wanted.

Here’s a short video of my day in the Flat Tops and some of the scenery that is, of course, even more spectacular in person.

Venture on explorers.

(Tip: If the video for some reason isn’t playing in HD (720P), switch the settings in the lower righthand corner.)

One thought on “Video: Exploring the Flat Tops Wilderness Area in Colorado

  1. Mom is not the only one who will fuss at you. Beautiful pictures, but good grief girl, do you have to climb to the top of every thing???? What happens if you have car trouble (not I hope)?????? Love you, come back in one piece, please.

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