The perks of working for a ski resort

Well, here it is. The end of the ski season, and the end of undoubtedly one of the best winters I’ll ever have.

Thanks to a few people in my life who made this whole move and job possible, I’ve rekindled my love of nature, made more friends in three months than I thought possible, and found a happiness I didn’t know was missing.

But I realize I haven’t really said what I did for work at Snowmass mountain, so I’ll quickly explain why this was one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had.

For starters, I was never confined to one job.
As part of the Guest Services department, I was assigned to about eight different positions randomly throughout the week, helping out with anything from storing skis overnight, to serving cider on top of a mountain, to directing traffic, parking and people onto buses.
The best job of all was working at TubeTown, where all the young at heart go to get shoved down icy hills in inflatable tubes. It’s always a blast seeing kids get SO exited to be spun down the hill so fast their goggles fly clear off their helmet.
Or watching adults nearly crying with terror before laughing in pure joy.
It’s definitely a rewarding thing making someone smile.

Sometimes I’ll do up to three different jobs in a day, and often times I’d get a 2-3 hour snowboard break between shifts!
This. Is. Awesome.
What better way to take advantage of a free ski pass and practice up on your skiing/boarding skills? It definitely breaks up the day, and makes me look forward to coming to work.

I met a ton of people from all over the world.
In just my department alone, there were coworkers from Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, England and Australia, plus people from all over the U.S. I now have several connections in each place, so if I ever want to escape for a vacation, I’ve got a pick of hot spots to go.
In addition to these friends I’ve made, I met guests visiting the mountain from pretty much every area of the world, and am always so interested to talk with them and find out a bit of their story. You’d be amazed at how small the world is though, and how many random connections you can make!

I went back to college, minus the studying.
Taking a bus to work with your buddies, walking into the locker room and catching up with the rest of your buddies, working with all your buddies, skiing with all your buddies, getting drinks and wings with all your buddies after work, going out to downtown Aspen for a concert with all your buddies, having house parties with your buddies, etc. etc.
I’ll say one thing: I’m glad it wasn’t hard to like a single person I worked with, cause I was pretty much stuck with them all hours of the day.
And it was awesome.

And, lastly, I had a family.
Kinda ties into the “buddies doing everything together” thing, but it wasn’t just my Guest Services coworkers who had fun with and cared for me. My bosses practically took me under their wings since starting halfway through the season, making sure I was comfortable and happy and accommodated. It was the most care I’ve experienced from management in a job, and I felt important, needed, and, frankly, loved. Can’t get much better than that.
Other departments also threaded into the family, like many of the snowboard and ski instructors, lift attendants, and on-mountain photographers, and all of them have supported me and made my day better in one way or another.
By the end of the three months working there, it was impossible to walk anywhere on the mountain without running into two or three friends. So it became impossible to not be eager to go to work.

While this job might not be something I do every year, I’m beyond grateful to have been able to do it at least once. It’s reminded me that happiness in a job is super important, and creating bonds and connections with people is one of the most significant things one can accomplish in a life.


Here’s a gallery of pics throughout the season, between work and playtime:

Happy days

Lift shenanigans

meeYes, I was a skier for a couple of weeks!

Commuting to work


20160226_124347-2Never better

20160126_094646At Snowmass, we’re big into Australia Day (which also happens to be my birthday!)

20160126_094744We’re also big into dressing like Yetis


One of my jobs: serving hot cider and clif bars (my main diet for awhile). And ok, what an office view!


Another one of my jobs: TUBETOWN!!!!

IMG_20160228_082122Getting paid to play

Snapchat-8887453267147945096Getting to see the X Games up close!

IMG_20160201_155231That’s gonna be me one day

That’s also gonna be me

As the weeks passed I adjusted to the cold….mostly

Enjoying the ride

Fresh powder and sick views


Shreddin’ some moe!

Nothing better than riding down with a group of friends!

After wiping out on a board, it’s essential to have a giant chocolate chip cookie

St. Patty’s Day!

So grateful to these wonderful people for helping get me the job!

🙂 🙂

Snapchat-5061877163975776574An ode to “Donut Saturdays” (my favorite day of the week, when Guest Services gets free donuts)

End of the season employee party!

One of the best days

Forever grateful for the friends I’ve made here

Always a success when you make it down in one piece



So now I have more free time in my schedule, which I was starting to desperately need, but it’s a bittersweet thing for sure! I’m not done snowboarding yet (still a couple more weekends open at another mountain) but I’m going to miss the most fun work I’ve ever experienced.

Thanks Aspen Skiing Co. and Snowmass Guest Services for a season I’ll never forget!!
Until next year, right?

Now it’s time to venture on 🙂



P.S. Thanks again to all my readers for checking out my blog and stayed tuned next week for my camping adventure in Moab, Utah (currently on the way there!) 😀

4 thoughts on “The perks of working for a ski resort

  1. Way to go Jenn….so thankful we got to see you in action and be a small part of your memories there in Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya, Debby

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SO thankful we got to spend time together and can’t wait until we see each other again! 🙂 Thanks for always being here for me!


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