The time I actually started a blog

I can think of a few people who would absolutely kick my butt if I didn’t get this blog going, mostly because I promised again and again I was getting to it. In defense of my procrastination, I’d like to say, “life happened,” but I think that’s exactly the point: life happened, and unfortunately, I was too busy looking past it for the next best thing to notice.

I have to say, though—this past year has been quite the hoopla, and it really has been a challenge to focus on the constant changes while the days blink away. This time last year I was either spending my days bounding over dusty rocks and cacti on Arizona’s South Mountain, nailing the best tan of my life by palm-lined pools, or flying through the air to who-knows-where as a flight attendant.
Today, I’m snowboarding down mountains in Aspen, Colorado, trying not to drink hot chocolate like water, and am getting paid to push kids down a hill in a snow-tube. In between all of that, I was living back home in Maryland, playing in the bay, stuffing my face with seafood, and never having to worry about 120 degree or -10 degree weather. It’s really interesting how quickly the body can adapt.

So this very different lifestyle I’m living now, as some of my readers may know, came about on a whim, as did my lifestyle as a flight attendant. After working for the airlines for a year, I decided I needed a change; within a week of that decision I had an internship lined up for Trail Runner Magazine in Carbondale, Colorado. That was back in September, and the internship wasn’t due to start until March. Right after Christmas, I had the sudden urge to say, “Hey, mom, want to fly out to Colorado with me to look for housing for the spring?” Two days later we were doing just that, and, after visiting a few interesting rentals on Craigslist, I hit the jackpot. Log cabin, rustic wood furniture, wood stove, ski decorations, pine trees, creek, mountain backdrop.

Pretty sure I was drooling the whole time I was visiting with the owner, and wondering just the how the heck I was going to secure the fully furnished, pinewood fragranced room for rent. It needed to be rented out within the week, and, not to my surprise, it was a hot commodity, with dozens of people waiting in line to snatch it away.

“Mom,” I kept saying on the drive back to the Denver airport. “What am I going to do, what am I going to do??” My internship was still a full two months away, and (currently jobless) there was no way I could move out there in the time the owner, Scott, was asking—not without completely spending the little money I had managed to save up from the airlines. The balloon of excitement in my chest started to deflate as the logical part of my brain said “not going to happen.” But then suddenly, and I mean immediately in answer to my prayers, I received a message from Scott: “Don’t know if you’re interested, but the company I work for (Aspen Skiing Co.) is looking for another guest services representative for their Snowmass ski resort. Looking to hire within the week, and I think you’d be a good fit.”

I all but freaked out in the car, rapidly firing out questions about the job and when I could start and how long he would hold the room for. Long story short, two days later I was interviewed, the day after that I was hired, and five days after that I was making the 2,000 mile trek across the country with my dad in a jam-packed Jeep.

Can I get a breather?

I arrived at my new home on a Sunday afternoon, and Tuesday morning I was to begin orientation so I could start my job immediately Wednesday.

Nope, no breather.

I spent that Monday doing and seeing as much as I could in the area, including eating BERRY COVERED FRENCH BAGUETTE FRENCH TOAST at the local “Village Smithy” restaurant (yes, the caps was necessary); browsing through the $$$$$$$$$$ shops of downtown Aspen and quickly running when asked if I was interested in buying; and hiking up to the beautiful frozen waterfalls of Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful the sights were, so I’ll let the pics do that for me:


Yeah, I decided it wouldn’t be a hard adjustment to live here.

But the jokes on me!!! Cause wouldn’t you know it, the next morning—the day of my must-attend orientation, let me remind you—I woke up feeling off. Very, very off.
“I’m just tired,” I said when I wanted to fall over. Yeah, until I had to pull off the side of the road to gag.
“Maybe I ate something bad,” I then said, until I had to curl into a ball in a corner of the room to keep from shaking. “Ok, maybe I have the flu…”

Oh, I forgot to mention, before I attended orientation, I had to pass a FITNESS TEST, including pushups, sit-ups, five minutes worth of box-steps, dead lifts, etc. All the while feeling like it was the end for me. Praying, PRAYING that I could get through it all as I puked and passed out against the bathroom sink in between exercises.
Needless to say, I did not have the flu, as I found out an hour later in the Aspen Valley Hospital emergency room. I had a classic case of altitude sickness, and was pretty well dehydrated (even though my dad called me a “water Nazi” for hounding him about hydrating on the previous day’s hike…and he was absolutely fine…)

After being pumped full of water and oxygen for about an hour, I insisted I go to the orientation anyway, because I’m stubborn like that. And I got through it, but entered back into hell for the night, wanting so badly to believe I had something else going on because never had I felt so sick!
I woke up alive, but spent the day on the couch recuperating, amused at my “first day of work.” For the first few days of actual work, I was known to some of my coworkers as “the sick one” before they finally got my name down.

Did I say earlier how interesting it is that the body adapts so quickly?
I think I take that back.


Hey thanks to my readers for checking out this first post of my new blog, and check back soon to hear more about my current job at Snowmass and my internship with Trail Runner (starting tomorrow)!! 



Venture on….

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